Wabask Handicraft

Wabask Handicraft Dong Nai is a trade village gather hundred of experienced craftsmans specializing in unique products from natural materials such as hyacinth, rattan, papyrus, bamboo… From simple products like trays, baskets, vases to complicated & fastness-required ones like sofas, cabinets or furnitures, we all perfect with high aestheticism. After 12 years of development, Wabask Handicraft’s products have been exported to many countries in the world (Sweden, America, Japan, Germany, …). The demand of design with traditional & natural material is more and more popular recently, hence Wabask handicraft continues to become one of the most pretigious places to make order of many famous resorts, restaurants & anyone who have the taste of these unique materials. Many interior design companies put these kind of natural products to mix with the style of familiar sofas, to create more impressive living spaces.